Cute creatures & delicious eats: Received from China & Finland

Three very nice cards to share this time:


Snoopy & Woodstock came to me in a Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag trade, all the way from Hyvinkää, Finland.  The sender writes:

“Your birthday is soon so I chose this special card for you.  The text in the front says: ‘I hope these congratulations reach you on time…congratulations!’ Snoopy was already famous when I was a child. It is nice to see how he is still going strong.”

That beautiful delicious food card–I think the first die-cut food illustration card I’ve received–came to me from a Postcrosser in Hangzhou, China, after a journey of  6,267 miles in 13 days.  The sender tells me:

“This is a kind of Chinese traditional food called dumpling.  They have cloth and body.  The cloth is made from flour; the body usually is meat or beef or vegetables, just as you like. Chinese people in the north of China especially like eating dumplings with vinegar.”

I will admit I am well-versed on dumplings, being lucky enough to live in an area where the population is able to support a large number & variety of authentic Chinese restaurants–and I even make dumplings myself, occasionally.  The only bad part is that after all the time making & rolling the dough, preparing the filling, filling & folding & finally cooking them–the things disappear so quickly!

Lastly comes the thoughtful-looking panda, who made it to me after a journey of 6,951 miles over 25 days from Guangzhou, China.  I feel so lucky to have received two Postcrossing cards from China this week!  The sender of this card writes:

“When I travelled to America, there was no enough time for me to visit the west coast.  I love travelling and it’s interesting to talk with friends accompanying me and people I meet in the journey.  It’s hard but challenging to travels along. There are lots of delicious foods in GZ, where I live.”


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