It all starts with some Ewoks: Received from Belarus, Poland, & Taiwan

Three Postcrossing arrivals:


That super-cool cartoony postcard of a girl being greeted by some Ewok relatives came to me from Minsk, Belarus, from a person who tells me, “most of all I like traveling. Hope one day to visit U.S.A.”

The lovely, peaceful shore scene on the edge of the Baltic Sea was sent to me from Wrocław, Poland, by a Postcrosser who tells me, “I’m so happy to send one card more to USA! I live in the south-west of Poland.  Also I have the aquarium–plant tank.” He put some really cool stickers on the card, all aquatic-type animals of one kind or another, including an octopus, wearing a cowboy hat, riding a dolphin!

That Dome of Light is amazing.  Not having heard of it before, I looked it up & learned that it’s an art installation inside an MRT (transit) station–and that it available as a space for weddings! The card was sent to me from a Postcrosser in Taipei, Taiwan, who writes:

“In Taiwan, there are night market anywhere.  Everytime with my dad, he alway like the stand that have many people, he always calls the food ‘Eat it, Earn it!'”

I have no idea what that means!  Do you?


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