Big, and mysterious: Received from Taiwan & the United States


First, the night shot.  I love that I’ve been getting so many Postcrossing cards from Taiwan lately.  The sender of this postcard tells me:

“There are lots of delicious food.  I love night markets, because I can eat many kinds of food and also play some games.  Xiaolongbao and beef noodle are my favorite food.”

I can’t really tell what’s going on in that lower card.  Some kind of oil/snow-globe? It came in a swap-bot “free card” trade, & the sender is from Seattle, Washington.  She writes:

“My employer put us up at this hotel (in Tacoma) while we worked at our annual convention a couple weeks ago & my friends gave me the cards.  I picked this one for you because it made me think of the beach.”

One more swap-bot card, this a “chunk of cardboard” from Arizona, and it is HUGE–nearly 7.5″ x 10″.  A card this size, rightfully, contains a long message.  Here’s just a tiny bit:

“I’ve rescued some other cardboard chunks recently from cereal boxes, a candy box and a beer carton.  Always on the lookout.”

I understand!  Sometimes I have to force myself to immediately dispose of cardboard, rather than turning it all into postcards.




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