There’s a difference: Sent to Taiwan & Thailand

From my local big city paper, the San Jose Mercury News:

Nooo!  Who edits these things?  And apparently, the person who writes the headlines not only does not also read the photo captions; s/he does not even read–nor skim–them!  Many ignorant people will stumble into a Taiwanese restaurant & order a Thai ice tea & pad thai, but this is just way beyond.

Ah, well, on to the postcards.  I have a card going out today to each of these beautiful countries, which, I will throw in, are about 1,500 miles from one another, and each have their own very distinct languages, cuisines, & cultures.


The little post office goes to Bangkok, Thailand, in a Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag.  The recipient writes:

“I like to travel a lot, just want to see the world as much as I can and remember it with my cameras. So sending and receiving postcards is another way to discover the world. That’s why I love them too !”

The view of Big Sur is on its way to Taipei, Taiwan, part of a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan Meets the World” tag. This Postcrosser shares a couple of interests with the other one, you will see:

“I like travelling and photograph…I would like to received any postcard !  These are my favorites: postcard of your country attractions or historical sites…Sea,beach,lake,river…Landscape picture (I will be very happy!)”

They may both even like Thai iced tea.  I wouldn’t know.

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