The Only Thing fit to Consume is PEANUTS: Sent to China, Finland, & the United States

PicMonkey Collage

Which one is your favorite?

That stuff on the left: OOF! Two more servings from The World’s Tackiest Postcards by Klutz Press, on their way to San Francisco & Tervakoski, Finland, thanks to a swap-bot “weirder than weird” trade. I’m not sure if these restaurants were ever real; if they did exist, they didn’t survive to the internet age, because the ones I looked up only led me to sites listing these nasty tacky cards.

On to more pleasant things, more of the Peanuts postcards I bought online via the web store of the Charles M. Schulz Museum.  I love that Lucy & Schroeder card.  As I told its recipient in HengYang City, China:

The oldest art from ‘Peanuts’ is my favorite.  I loved it when Snoopy walked around on all four legs!

I sent that to her via the Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag thread. The colorful card full of Peanuts friends went off to Honolulu, Hawaii, in a Postcrossing Forum “rescue a sinking tag,” tag, which you may enter after you have entered another tag that is several pages back in the discussion.  If I ever get caught up here, I might even share the card I sent out in the sinking tag thread, “last vacation.”


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