Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’: Sent to England, France, Germany, and Taiwan

“Use your profile to write about yourself.  Your account’s profile is the place where others can learn more about you, so please enter a few sentences.”

–From Postcrossing Community Guidelines, ‘On using your account’

That is such a big part of Postcrossing: learning about other countries by learning a little bit about people who live in those countries.  Also, when you write a profile, that helps people not only get to know you a bit, but also it aids in choosing a card for you, and in knowing what to write on that card.  Thus, I was disconcerted by the minimalist profile of the Postcrosser from Bielefeld, Germany.  I’ll share her entire profile between the two lines that follow:

Yes, you read that correctly: she wrote absolutely nothing in her profile.

Who is this person?  What type of a card might she like?  What might I write to this person, who obviously chose to say absolutely nothing to me?

I tried to rationalize her choice: maybe her English is not so good.  Heck, there are plenty of people born here in the U.S., whose families have been in the country for generations, whose English is not so good, but they still manage to be prolific on Postcrossing & swap-bot!  No, English is the language of Postcrossing, and even people who admit their English is terrible manage to bang out a rough paragraph or two, perhaps with the help of an online translator.

Maybe she is brand new? Yes, surely she is brand-new, and just hasn’t quite gotten to this bit.  Nope.  She has been around for over three years, and has sent out over 1,600 cards.

In a last-ditch effort to suss out which card I might send her, I went to see her favorites from her wall of postcards.  It was in that section I learned that in three years of Postcrossing, she has not favorited a single card.

It is this Herculean lack of effort that made me take the drastic measure of sending her “Tiger Markings,” the card at top left in this photo.


L’il Cartoon Girl is absolutely appalled.

I’d feel horrible about it, except for the fact that I so totally do not.  For all I know, she will love this!  It’s a draw from Animal Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists, and if you read the reviews of that set on Amazon, you’ll see that depending upon whom you trust, only 30 to 70 of the images are worthy of their postcard status.  One reviewer even said she used the fine card stock of these pieces to create her own beautiful cards to send out!  But like I say, maybe the recipient will love this.  I would have no way of knowing.

I also didn’t knock myself out on the back: whereas most of my messages are 13 or more lines of tightly-packed writing, this time around I managed to fill the space with (to paraphrase) hi, greetings from ___, Happy Postcrossing, me. Yes, I still separated the address from the message with a strip of washi tape, but just a plain colored strip.  My most extravagant move was that I still put two rubber-stamped impressions in there.  Hope she doesn’t hate them–I’d have no way of knowing.

The owls are from the same box as the hot mess tiger pattern, and they go to a Postcrosser in South Yorkshire, England who said she would love to receive owl cards.  It was my absolute pleasure to send this to her. She also said she enjoys lists, so I wrote her a list of…

8 Movies I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Weeks

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Grandma
  3. The Martian
  4. Sicario
  5. The Intern
  6. Black Mass
  7. Singh is Blinng
  8. Pan

The wonderful tiger is headed off on a trip to La Bouilladisse, France.  The recipient enjoys dollhouse miniatures, so I hoped she might be amused by a peek into what the residents of her dollhouse might espy while on photo safari.

Lastly, for a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade, the piece of art from Wreck-It Ralph goes to New Taipei City, Taiwan.  The photo below shows the stamps, stamps, & washi tape I applied to the back of that card.


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