Things found in water (or other liquid): Received from the Netherlands & Taiwan

3 new Postcrossing cards in through the mail slot: 2 from Netherlands, 1 from Taiwan.  DUCK!


That’s the one from Taiwan, the duck.  The sender says this is a famous bird in her country.  She also writes, “…please come to Taiwan again, and try every kind of Taiwan’s food!  You’ll love it!!”

The pears are from the Netherlands. The sender tells me that these stoofpeertjes are one of her favorite dishes, and “now it’s almost autumn and we like to eat this in this time of the year because it’s getting colder in Holland.”

Lastly, that wonderful seal card, also from the Netherlands.  This card’s sender says she is a student, and that recently “…I became a vegetarian and I really like to cook with healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts!”

Stamps, and a really cool puffy fish sticker:

postcard332a    postcard332b


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