Powering Through the Depression: Sent to Finland, the Netherlands, & Russia

Trying to power through my newly-acquired depressing postcard assortment, I am happy to be sending 3 off to Europe in these new Postcrossing draws.


Those three happy dancers are stepping off to Tomsk, Russia (one of the oldest towns in Siberia), to a Postcrosser who wrote that she would enjoy getting postcards with beautiful men and women (she capitalized that), street scenes with people, and folk costumes.  Think I’ve more or less got that covered, here.  You might also be interested in learning that she loves “Ian Somerhalder, Mickey Rourke, Robert Pattinson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alan Delon, Heather Graham, Romy Schneider, Tyra Banks, Stone Sour, Twееn Peaks.”

The Postcrosser in Helsinki, Finland says she is interested in ancient history, having studied archaeology and Egyptology. I told her about the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California, of which my favorite part is the replica tomb.  A visit to that exhibit is a very immersive, atmospheric experience! Another bit of info about this recipient: she likes classical music, and metal.

That yellow truck is going–by air, I assume–to Jubbega, Netherlands, to someone who says he likes classic cars.  Don’t know if he’d call it a car, but it is a vehicle, and I’m pretty sure one could call it “classic.”  He also states an interesting preference: “*I prefer postcards 10×15 cm*”  I didn’t even translate that, let alone measure the postcard.  I mean, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, fella, but I’m just not gonna measure it for you.


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