“This was stuck…”: Received from Israel (via California)

Some mail from Redlands, Califonia.  An envelope from a stranger?  Oh, no: is this one of those people who send postcards in envelopes?

2015-10-24 08.46.38

“What the…?”

There was a postcard in the envelope, with the note you see (“this was stuck to a card sent to me”) attached to it.  I must have been tired, because my first impression was that the writer was referring to that scrap of paper on which she’d written, that she had just decided to send me a scrap of paper that had been stuck to a card sent to her.

2015-10-24 08.47.29

Reminds me of Sigmund the Sea Monster.

Hmm, I thought, the postcard has an Israeli stamp & mail sticker.  I guess she thought I would be interested in that, too. Then I started reading the message on the card:

“It’s a holiday month, we have 3 holiday: Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur and Sukkot (which is 2 holidays actually).  I barely go to work, and though it’s nice, I keep thinking of all the stuff I will have to do after… Have a sweet year!”

What?  I guess it’s a theme… and then I recognize the name of the sender, with whom I’ve shared swap-bot trades in the past.  Hey, I don’t think she lives here in California!

I return to the envelope, with its San Bernardino postmark–and a return address sticker, which of course bears a different name than that of the postcard’s sender…

And sunlight finally reaches my brain.

The postcard was sent to me from a swap-bot member in Israel.

Ohhhhhh, I finally realized, the person in California received a postcard addressed to her, but my postcard from Israel was stuck to THAT!  And closer inspection of the back of my card reveals that the four tiny, cute, puffy stickers have bits of paper stuck to them, where the other card was detached.  Those puffy stickers can be trouble-makers, apparently!  Still, I am quite surprised NOBODY in the postal chain caught the double-layer before actually delivering the duo.

So nice of my fellow Californian to send the card on to me!  I looked up her swap-bot profile so that I could thank her with a postcard I thought she’d like.  She put “TREES” in upper-case letters, and I think these trees are beautiful (though not a great shot of the card on my part):

2015-10-22 07.43.11

Sure wish I knew where this is.

This was another card–one of the good ones–from the Big, Sad postcard assortment I wrote about earlier. Lovely as it is, there is no notation on the back of just where this scene is.  And no photo credit, of course.

Postal drama–it exercises the brain much more than sudoku!


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