What if I fail? I’ll get held back! — Sent to Finland, Germany, and the United States

Three heading out–


That wonderful one at the top is going to Oulu, Finland, for the Postcrossing Forum Snoopy/Peanuts tag trade.

The other two cards are going out via swap-bot, for a “favorites” trade in which participants were to send cards to two others, having written our favorite color, food, movie, and animal.  This was the most difficult thing ever, just awful.  I can say I have a couple of favorite colors, and that is as specific as I am able to get.  Favorite movie?  Nope.  Love movies, no favorite.  Favorite food, no–but I do have favorite cuisines.  Plural.  And many, many “favorite” animals.  And I am lucky I can still sleep at night: this is for swap-bot.  Swap-you-get-graded-by-your-trading-partners-bot, if you know what I mean.  What if I fail?  I’ll get held back!

The scrawl is destined for Knoxville, Tennessee.  Yes, the “giraffe” is hideous, from the weakest artist in the Animal Box of postcards, but the recipient did say she loves giraffes, so maybe she will love this poor thing.  If not her, then whom?  Will this poor giraffe have to be put down?

The Grand Tetons should end up in Esselborn, Germany, with a swapper who said he’d like nature & national landmarks.  This card is one of the decent ones from the Assortment from Hell.

Stamps, stamp, & stuff from the Peanuts card:

2015-10-26 07.33.12a

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