Tupu, Hupu, & Lupu: Received from Finland, Malaysia, & Netherlands

Three Postcrossing cards to share, and oohh, I love that Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) card!  Great classic art.


The Postcrosser in Huittinen, Finland, who send me Aku Ankka also provided me with his nephews’ names: Tupu, Hupu, and Lupu.

The next card is a twofer: a resident of Bremen, Germany, sent me a card while traveling in Groningen, Netherlands!  He told me both cities were rainy that day (I assume he meant that day).

Lastly, from a sender in Tawau, Malaysia, comes that gorgeous beach, where I would like to be right now.  The sender tells me it’s a “dawn view of our Malaysia Island name ‘Pulau Perhentian.'”

Stamps & postmarks:


What to Eat on a Tropical Island: Received from Germany, Malaysia, and Taiwan


I love that tiny Hainan card!  It’s from a couple in New Taipei City, Taiwan, who sent it to me in a Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag, and they tell me:

“Hainan is a tropical island-province of China.  Popular holiday destination, it also has some resorts, beaches and foreigners (mostly Russian).  The three dishes on the picture: Hainanese chicken rice (it’s a cult food in other SE Asian countries). 2: Coconut cake (looks like a white-jelly). 3: Qingbuliang- no English name it’s a kind of cold, sweet dessert soup.  All tastes good and special!”

They had me at “tropical island.”  I am freezing in California right now.  Of course I will go to Hainan, and eat all of the above & more!

A Postcrosser in Hamburg, Germany sent me that classic (AKA “old”) American film poster card.  She tells me:

“Hamburg is the 2nd biggest in Germany.  Every year in May we have the biggest harbour festival of the world.”

Finally, thanks to another swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard trade, someone in Malaysia sent me that panel from a box of Essence of Chicken.  She writes:

“I will drink this if the day I feel very tired yet need to work over 10 hours.  This can make me feel a lot energy.”

I think I may need to pick up some of this.

Stamps! I love the Taiwanese ones, at the top.


°Dentalsmile°?!?!? Received from Belgium, Czech Republic, & Spain

Three more Postcrossing arrivals!


That happy li’l toon is Večerníček, or “Little Eveninger,” and he came to me from Brno, Czech Republic. The senders who share this Postcrossing account tell me that the character “is on Czech national TV channel every day to introduce short evening story for kids.  He is 50 years old.”

The mitten is from Aarschot, Belgium, and it came to me in an envelope, because the sender wrote so much (and in a very tight hand) that it filled the entire back of the postcard–yes, address-side, too–and another postcard-sized sheet of paper she taped to the bottom.  It was quite the read: I get the impression she is quite young, because she uses a lot of internet-type asides after nearly every sentence.  The difference, though, is that instead of inanities like “LOL,” she writes, well, quite a variety of things, including the somewhat-common °laugh° (these odd little circles are all hers) and °smile° , to the more rare °blush° and °sparkle° (whatever that is), to the off-the-charts what-the-heck, often-repeated throughout her missive:  °dentalsmile°.  EEK!  What is THAT?!?  I assume it must mean something along the lines of “toothy grin,” but it just sends shivers up & down my spine.

–just give me a second to shake that off, & finish up here–

The Madrid postcard comes from Madrid, Spain, from a sender who says, “I love to travel, to watch movies and TV shows.  I love reading and animals.  I have one guinea pig but soon I’ll have another one, they like company.”





A Thanks for Wow: Sent to Japan

After receiving an amazing postcard surprise from a fellow Postcrosser in Tokyo, Japan a couple of days back, I wanted to be sure to return the favor with a little thank-you package before I forgot!  Here’s what I came up with.


A few Peanuts postcards, plus my tiger friend.


I made an envelope out of some toy packaging.


How do you like my backside?

W O W ! Received from Japan

W O W !


Wow wow wow wow wow (etc.)…

It was just a couple of weeks ago–less, even–that I received a cool Snoopy New Year card from Tokyo, Japan.  That was in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade. Well, of course I thanked the sender, telling her how much I love the postcard, stamp, stickers, and the Japanese practice of sending New Year cards rather than ones for Christmas.

Well, today I dip into my mail box, and see an envelope from Japan with a Doraemon stamp, and all kinds of cool postmarks, stickers & tape (scanned below).  I didn’t know what was going on, but I loved it already. Then I opened up the envelope, and out come those 3 postcards, with a coool sheet of Peanuts stationary, with the note, “I got (more) nice Snoopy cards, so I’d love to share them with you.”

What a day brightener!  I love everything about this, from the thought down to every physical detail.

Guess I’d better set about putting together a thank-you parcel!


Popeye & His Feline Friends: Sent to China, Czech Republic, France, & Scotland

I drew the names of four more Postcrossers today:


Popeye is on his way to say ahoy to a Postcrosser in Glasgow, Scotland.  In his profile, the recipient had a link to his flickr account showing photography he’d turned into postcards, so I thought I would send him one of the cards I’d created from my own shots.

The Morro Bay card goes to a woman in Saint-Nazaire, France who was hoping for cards showing the senders’ cities.  The cards of my city aren’t very well done–and furthermore, I don’t have any right now–so I sent her one of a city I enjoy visiting whenever I can.

The cartoon Sherlock is headed for Guangzhou, China.  The recipient of this one is a high school student who hopes to travel to Germany next year.  She expressed interest in animals & cartoon characters, among many other things.  Hope she likes this.

Lastly, I hope that sleeping duo is not disturbed on the way to Jičín, Czech Republic.  This Postcrosser did have a short list of likes, which included cats.  She didn’t say much of anything else, so I just talked about the weather.  Well, the season, really.  Basically, that fall is here, and I am looking forward to spring.  That’s just the way it is!

OK, THEN! Sent to Belarus, Finland, Russia, and Taiwan

Lots of my Postcrossing cards have reached their destination in the last week–one with the heartbreak of an empty “hooray message”— and my traveling cards have dipped below the halfway point, so I am sending four more out into the world (and by “the world,” I mean “mostly just Europe”).


The dancer is going to Minsk, Belarus, to a Postcrosser who said she’d enjoy seeing cards showing dances.  I believe this dancer is demonstrating Mexican Ballet Folklórico .

The Russian Blue cat is going to Moscow, Russia, to a cat lover with two cats of her own.

Liberty’s torch is off on its way to an elementary school teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan who included on her interest list UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and black & white photography–and this card from the New York Landmarks postcard book covers both bases. This Postcrosser expressed an interest in learning about other countries’ histories, culture, & scenery, and did provide an extensive list of “likes”–but I sure wanted to be careful not to get on her bad side:

If possible,please
NO envelope.
NO folder cards.
NO animals.
NO plants.
NO Christmas.
NO photo.
NO copy from internet.
I would like to receive a real postcard.Thanks!

Sorry if I am picky.


Lastly, I swear I would have not sent out that hideous postcard, one of the least pleasant from my Mystery Assortment from H*ck, but the recipient totally indicated she might just love it.  No, I swear.  She lives in Jämsä, Finland, and her like list included hearts (twice in a row, she wrote that), and “loving couples.” If nothing else, that postcard features a heart & a loving couple.  I hope she loves it; I was really afraid I was going to have to slip that card into a gag gift box for a friend somewhere.  I especially hope she enjoys this card, as I did not fulfill her apparent greatest wish: to have all Postcrossers send her cat figurines.  She iterated & reiterated–repeatedly–that she want us all to send her cat figurines.  She wants cat figurines; she wants them:

I collect little cat figurines made glass, porcelain, wood, and so on. I want allways more cats everywhere from the world. Now I have almost 1000 cat figurines…
I venture to ask the following: If you find or if you have little cat figurines which I wrote above… I’m so happy if you can send me one…. would be great to have small cats around the world…. I would be very grateful !!!!


Stinking Marshmallows! Received from France & the United States


Mickey!  I got him from Portland, Oregon, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  The sender shared a quote she attributes to Mickey Mouse:

“Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do.”

I only just now realized he probably did not mean that in a malicious way.  I guess I identify way too much with Donald.

Bob the Lucky Charms Guy came to me from Iowa in a food package postcard trade, and the sender tells me:

“Sadly, at 41, Lucky Charms are still my all-time favorite cereal.  I love those stinking marshmallows.”

In thanking her for the cool card, I shared the fact that I missed out on a lot of cool cereal toys as a kid because I dislike marshmallows.  Only recently did it dawn upon me that I could have gotten some exercise by picking all of the “stinking” things out & carrying them out to the trash.

Lastly, from France, thanks to Postcrossing, come those views of Provence.  The sender tells me:

“I love nature, animals, dancing and music.”

Stamps!  The character on that French one makes me think of Egyptian gods.


Book My Trip! Sent to Hong Kong & Taiwan

I really like the Postcrossing Forum location-based trades, where I get to choose the destinations to which I send my cards–and the places from which the cards I eventually get will come.  Today, cards went out to two locations at the top of my travel-to list!


On the top postcard, that is a portion of King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It’s an old card from the vaults, and it’s on its way to New Taipei City, Taiwan in a “Taiwan Meets the World” trade.  The recipient is a brand-new Postcrosser: just on the site a few days, no cards yet marked as sent or received.  He says he enjoys traveling, so I sent him this card from a place I love to visit, the Big Island.  Love to be there right now, enjoying the warmth.  California gets too cold for my tastes.

That U.S. map card is going to Hong Kong in a “Hong Kong to the World” trade.  The recipient favorited the card when it was sent to another user, & so I pulled it from my pile of available cards for her.

Stamps for the HK-destined card, as the recipient mentioned enjoying stamps:


Yes, it’s a poor quality shot. When I took it, it was just for the record-keeping until the card was received–wasn’t thinking of the blog semi-posterity factor.