Am I So Wrong for Being More Scared of the 2 on the Right? Received from Romania & the United States

A bit of swap-bottery in my mailbox:


So, apparently there is a cereal called Halloween Crunch!  From that little peek we get at the bottom left of the card, I suspect that it contains seasoned Cheetos!  The card was sent to me from Jacksonville, Georgia, part of another chunk-of-cardboard trade.  The sender tells me:

“This is my favorite cereal, Halloween Crunch! I’m eating a bowl right now, and have stockpiled boxes to last me several months after Halloween.  Do you have a favorite Halloween treat?”

I do not.  As I mentioned, I was not aware of “Halloween Crunch,” but I am a fan of the Cap’n.  Though I am not sure of the last time I have consumed it, I am a lifelong fan of Peanut Butter Crunch.  The stuff was not available when I was a kid, at least not in the stores where my parents shopped, so it existed as a rare vacation treat back then.  It tasted better back then.  Heck, the Cap’n looked better back then.

The other card is from somewhere in Romania, part of the swap-bot trade in which we were to list several “favorites.” The sender lists his (I will give the answer, you can come up with the question): Shawshank Redemption, sarmale, guinea pig, purple, Spring.

Stamps, postmarks, washi tape:


Love dat tape.

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