R W A N D A ! Received from Belarus, Germany, & Rwanda

Whoa, I got a card this week from Rwanda!


The only postcard interaction I’ve previously had with Africa was with South Africa.  Usually with Postcrossing, it’s EuropeEuropeEurope, so this was a thrill.  I can tell that getting a card from Rwanda is a true Postcrossing rarity, as their ID codes are still below 200 (compare that to 7-digit codes for U.S. senders).

The card is from Kigali, Rwanda, and the sender tells me:

“Greetings from Rwanda, a tiny country in central east Africa.  It truly earns its nickname of Land of a Thousand Hills.  Two big exports are coffee and tea.  The leaves are picked by hand.  This country has come a long way in 20 years but there is still a lot of poverty.”

Getting back to EuropeEuropeEurope, the Vanity Fair card is from Hagen, Germany, from a sender who has herself been on a long, strange trip:

“A few days ago, I returned from a journey to New Jersey, Maine, and Canada.  Everything was great – the people, the countryside, the hotels…”


Finally, there is the still life, and a story to go with it.

That card is from Minsk, Belarus, and it reads:

“I don’t know that about what I can write to you.  My tastes are very unusual.  I love traveling.  I traveled almost half of the globe. You can send me a postcard with interesting places of the area where you live.”

Wha’?!?  No, and here’s why: don’t tell me you don’t know what to write to me–and then ask me to send you something!  Also, the postcard was half-blank: the solicitation you see was followed by blank space equal in volume to the part of the card which bore writing.  Also missing: the Postcrossing I.D.  I had to go through the process on the website to provide all the information about the card I could, so that the Postcrossing detectives could hunt down the perp sender.  Which they did.

Now that I was able to go in & see who she is, I can see she is quite new to the game: she’s been in just over 2 weeks, and mine is only the second of her cards to have “landed.”  She also looks quite young: perhaps preteen.  Of course, that is no excuse whatsoever: I certainly could have managed to bang out more than 3 lines on a postcard before I started in with requests.  I am relieved, though, that this was not an adult 300 cards into the game sending out something like this!




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