Book My Trip! Sent to Hong Kong & Taiwan

I really like the Postcrossing Forum location-based trades, where I get to choose the destinations to which I send my cards–and the places from which the cards I eventually get will come.  Today, cards went out to two locations at the top of my travel-to list!


On the top postcard, that is a portion of King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It’s an old card from the vaults, and it’s on its way to New Taipei City, Taiwan in a “Taiwan Meets the World” trade.  The recipient is a brand-new Postcrosser: just on the site a few days, no cards yet marked as sent or received.  He says he enjoys traveling, so I sent him this card from a place I love to visit, the Big Island.  Love to be there right now, enjoying the warmth.  California gets too cold for my tastes.

That U.S. map card is going to Hong Kong in a “Hong Kong to the World” trade.  The recipient favorited the card when it was sent to another user, & so I pulled it from my pile of available cards for her.

Stamps for the HK-destined card, as the recipient mentioned enjoying stamps:


Yes, it’s a poor quality shot. When I took it, it was just for the record-keeping until the card was received–wasn’t thinking of the blog semi-posterity factor.


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