OK, THEN! Sent to Belarus, Finland, Russia, and Taiwan

Lots of my Postcrossing cards have reached their destination in the last week–one with the heartbreak of an empty “hooray message”— and my traveling cards have dipped below the halfway point, so I am sending four more out into the world (and by “the world,” I mean “mostly just Europe”).


The dancer is going to Minsk, Belarus, to a Postcrosser who said she’d enjoy seeing cards showing dances.  I believe this dancer is demonstrating Mexican Ballet Folklórico .

The Russian Blue cat is going to Moscow, Russia, to a cat lover with two cats of her own.

Liberty’s torch is off on its way to an elementary school teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan who included on her interest list UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and black & white photography–and this card from the New York Landmarks postcard book covers both bases. This Postcrosser expressed an interest in learning about other countries’ histories, culture, & scenery, and did provide an extensive list of “likes”–but I sure wanted to be careful not to get on her bad side:

If possible,please
NO envelope.
NO folder cards.
NO animals.
NO plants.
NO Christmas.
NO photo.
NO copy from internet.
I would like to receive a real postcard.Thanks!

Sorry if I am picky.


Lastly, I swear I would have not sent out that hideous postcard, one of the least pleasant from my Mystery Assortment from H*ck, but the recipient totally indicated she might just love it.  No, I swear.  She lives in Jämsä, Finland, and her like list included hearts (twice in a row, she wrote that), and “loving couples.” If nothing else, that postcard features a heart & a loving couple.  I hope she loves it; I was really afraid I was going to have to slip that card into a gag gift box for a friend somewhere.  I especially hope she enjoys this card, as I did not fulfill her apparent greatest wish: to have all Postcrossers send her cat figurines.  She iterated & reiterated–repeatedly–that she want us all to send her cat figurines.  She wants cat figurines; she wants them:

I collect little cat figurines made glass, porcelain, wood, and so on. I want allways more cats everywhere from the world. Now I have almost 1000 cat figurines…
I venture to ask the following: If you find or if you have little cat figurines which I wrote above… I’m so happy if you can send me one…. would be great to have small cats around the world…. I would be very grateful !!!!


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