W O W ! Received from Japan

W O W !


Wow wow wow wow wow (etc.)…

It was just a couple of weeks ago–less, even–that I received a cool Snoopy New Year card from Tokyo, Japan.  That was in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade. Well, of course I thanked the sender, telling her how much I love the postcard, stamp, stickers, and the Japanese practice of sending New Year cards rather than ones for Christmas.

Well, today I dip into my mail box, and see an envelope from Japan with a Doraemon stamp, and all kinds of cool postmarks, stickers & tape (scanned below).  I didn’t know what was going on, but I loved it already. Then I opened up the envelope, and out come those 3 postcards, with a coool sheet of Peanuts stationary, with the note, “I got (more) nice Snoopy cards, so I’d love to share them with you.”

What a day brightener!  I love everything about this, from the thought down to every physical detail.

Guess I’d better set about putting together a thank-you parcel!



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