What to Eat on a Tropical Island: Received from Germany, Malaysia, and Taiwan


I love that tiny Hainan card!  It’s from a couple in New Taipei City, Taiwan, who sent it to me in a Postcrossing Forum “Far East to America” tag, and they tell me:

“Hainan is a tropical island-province of China.  Popular holiday destination, it also has some resorts, beaches and foreigners (mostly Russian).  The three dishes on the picture: Hainanese chicken rice (it’s a cult food in other SE Asian countries). 2: Coconut cake (looks like a white-jelly). 3: Qingbuliang- no English name it’s a kind of cold, sweet dessert soup.  All tastes good and special!”

They had me at “tropical island.”  I am freezing in California right now.  Of course I will go to Hainan, and eat all of the above & more!

A Postcrosser in Hamburg, Germany sent me that classic (AKA “old”) American film poster card.  She tells me:

“Hamburg is the 2nd biggest in Germany.  Every year in May we have the biggest harbour festival of the world.”

Finally, thanks to another swap-bot chunk-of-cardboard trade, someone in Malaysia sent me that panel from a box of Essence of Chicken.  She writes:

“I will drink this if the day I feel very tired yet need to work over 10 hours.  This can make me feel a lot energy.”

I think I may need to pick up some of this.

Stamps! I love the Taiwanese ones, at the top.



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