Leaving an Impression, & Also Jane Gluster: Received from Germany, Hong Kong, & the United States

Three interesting ones today, so sayeth the me:


I was immediately impressed with that chunk of cardboard that came to me from Saint Paul, Minnesota, via swap-bot.  The cereal that was once inside the box probably had fiber, but this card has texture!  The sender writes:

“I’m having fun with my embossing machine.  I like the dangling ornaments.  It’s cheery.”

I like it too!  You’ll probably be able to make out the design better in the second of the two images I’ve posted.

I also really like that Hong Kong postcard.  I’d identified the city from the street signs, before I even noticed it says “Hong Kong” right there on the upper-left corner.  Wish I were there right now.  Well, unless it’s cold.  I don’t want to me anywhere cold, including where I am right now.  This card, and the cool stickers on the back, came to me thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “Hong Kong to the World” tag trade, in which I am “the World” half of the deal.

That super-colorful Nutcracker card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Regensburg, Germany. She writes to me about books she enjoys reading.  I thought she was telling me about someone named “Jane Gluster,” but after getting in a rather heated argument with Google, I decided what she wrote must have actually been Jane AUSTEN.  Oh, believe me, you would have made the same mistake; some of her writing is very curly!  Let’s try to get through the whole “book” part of her message:

“I’m love reading too.  My favorite genres are historical or mysterious novels, and I’m a great fan of Jane Austen! I’m waiting for the new book from Libba Bray, in Germany it will appear shortly before Christmas.”

Stamps, stickers–and also perhaps a better look at the embossing:


Hey, that postcard has a HUGE Chip on it!

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