Tight Text & Teleportation: Received from Germany, Russia, & Taiwan


Those fall-y trees came from Taiwan, through a Postcrossing Forum trade.  The sender tells me that this place–Songlu Villa, Fushoushan Farm in Taichung–“is famous for maple and sakura views.”  She also tells me California (where I live) “is the place I want to go!”  The feeling is mutual, in reverse!

All of those barn-y views come from a new Postcrosser in Enger, Germany.  She is so new, in fact, she neglected to write the Postcrossing I.D. on her card, & I needed to impose upon the website staff to help me look her up.  She did write her user name at the top of the card, though–but her handwriting is such that it looked like an alphanumeric code, and I was wondering whether I might actually be looking at all numbers, after all!  Other than that, she tells me she makes her own soap.

Finally, there is the “By the Sea” postcard, from Moscow, Russia.  Some postcard senders can barely bother to muster up a “Happy Postcrossing,” but this sender packed in, after her return address & postcard ID, 16 lines of dense, tight text!  Now, I average about 13 lines, myself, but her writing was so tiny: about a 3 or 4 font, I am guessing–and it was so neat, it did look like a font!  I had to hold it up to a lamp, and then get a second opinion, as to whether or not it was a special printed font.  If I were to slow down & concentrate, I could likely write nearly as neatly, but no way I could write so small!

The newsy card sends me “greetings from cool Moscow (-2°C)…I Googled the weather near you and dreamed about a teleport.”  Today’s high temp where I am is predicted to be 59°F, and I am dreaming of teleporting, too–to the equator. The Postcrosser also tells me a lot about where she lived for a young person, that her favorite photographer is David Doubilet, and that she does needlework–and some of her pieces now live here in California.

Nice stamps:



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