To the Museum! Sent to Singapore

I’ve never been happier to have a stash of Peanuts postcards to send.


I took a rare peek at the Postcrossing Blog, and learned that not only is the Singapore Philatelic Museum holding a special Peanuts exhibition right now; people who send them a Peanuts-themed postcard will receive “an exclusive museum Peanuts postcard” in return!

As I’ve mentioned before, Peanuts postcards are nearly impossible to find here in the U.S.–they are just not made for general use (mine came from making the long haul to Santa Rosa, home to the Charles Schulz Museum & its two gift shops).  It’s funny–you can go into any Hallmark store, grocery store, drug store, or post office & find an array of greeting cards with these characters, but no postcards!  Meanwhile, I am receiving Peanuts postcards from Postcrossers in other parts of the planet–most of those cards pretty obviously licensed & legal.  What gives?  Do Americans just not buy & send enough postcards to make it cost-effective for the licensees, or are they just not daring & creative enough to try–or what?

In any case, I provide this info so that you can send the Singapore Philatelic Museum a Peanuts postcard, if you have one.  Heck, if you send me one, I will send you one back, too!


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