I Did Not Whip Out My Ruler: Sent to Finland, Netherlands, & Poland

I drew 3 more Postcrossing names; 3 more cards are off toward Europe:


Garfield will go to a Postcrosser in Tampere, Finland, whose pets are a rabbit & a hamster, and who says she would like to receive postcards featuring that “lazy cartoon cat.”  Hey, I wonder if there are any postcards featuring Heathcliff.  I’d like to receive some of those!

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is destined for a lighthouse lover in Waalwijk, Netherlands.  She also says she likes her postcards to measure 4″ x 6″, but I did not whip out my ruler.

That couple from Texas is off to a horse lover in Żerniki Wrocławskie, Poland.  She says she dreams of visiting Peru & Australia, which sound like a couple of great travel destinations to me, too.  I’ve received a postcard or two from Australia, as I remember–but not a single one, yet, from Peru.

A look at the stamps & washi tape:




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