Mrs. Roosevelt in Translation: Sent to Belarus, Czech Republic, & Germany


Those two postcards on the left were sent to me in an envelope from a Postcrosser in Netherlands, as a thanks for the card I had sent her.  I send them out now, in a swap-bot “free/ad card” trade.  I was lucky to have these, as I do not tend to stumble across free or ad postcards on my own.

The Eleanor Roosevelt quote, which I don’t think she actually said–at least not in this language–is headed for Nidda, Germany.  That leaves the feathery card, which goes to Brno, Czech Republic.

The hummingbirds zipped off to Brest, Belarus, thanks to a regular Postcrossing draw.  The recipient, a bird lover, requested that senders write her name on the cards they send; it seems she’s not the only one in her household receiving postcards.  Sounds like a great housedhold!

A peek at some of the stamps & washi tape:



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