Get that Ice Cream Offa My… Received from Russia & the United States


That postcard up top is called “While He’s Sleeping,” and the artist is Daria Danilova.  I don’t know why the bunny is rubbing the ice cream on the fox, and it would probably be rude of me to ask.  The card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and she tells me:

“I’d like to tell you about my plan about celebrating New Year: my husband and me will celebrate it on the train. 🙂 It will be my first time.  Hope it will be interesting and unusual.  :)”

That other card was sent to me as a part of a swap-bot “free/ad postcard” swap, and was sent by a swapper in the San Bernardino, California area.  I had never heard of Bridgeport, so I had to look it up.  It’s a tiny place near the Nevada border.  Had you ever heard of it?



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