Not Too Touristy: Sent to Germany & the United States

Two to go, in a swap-bot “not your usual postcard” trade, in which the only requirement, really, was that the cards not be “touristy.”  Did my best, as always, to try to send a card that I think the recipients might like, based on their profiles.  This duo goes out to Esselborn, Germany; and San Francisco, California.


Stamps, stamp, & washi tape:


There & Here: Sent to Czech Republic, Germany, Taiwan, & the U.S.

A year ago this week, I was in Thailand, and I wish I were back there right now!  I loved the balmy January weather, the wonderful street food, and the freshest, cheapest, most abundant & perfectly-ripe fruit I think I’ve ever had.  And that’s what I told a couple of swap-bot members in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany and Rohnert Park, California.  The latest trade had us choosing cards representing a place we’d rather be, and writing about it.  Fortunately, I still had a couple of cards I’d stashed from my trip!


Closer to home, the California cards went to Postcrossers in Tainan, Taiwan, and Úpice, Czech Republic. Now, I was just tripping around these locales one week ago.  San Simeon’s Hearst Castle is famous, but the real treasure in that neighborhood is down at sea level: the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas!  Right now there are appear to be thousands of them, and little crying, nursing baby ones everywhere.  Check out the webcam!  I wish I were back there again, too.

Moving on to the stamp & washi tape portion of our presentation:


Furry, Fowl–and Foul: Received from Germany & Russia–and Russia

Three in: one from Germany (a Postcrossing Forum “USA to Any Country” trade) (in this situation, Germany being the “any country), and two from regular Postcrossing sends, BOTH from Russia!

I didn’t think that was supposed to happen–two traveling from the same country at the same time–but just days ago, I received two concurrent travelers from another company, Germany!  As I showed in my post at that time, both Russia & Germany are top participants in Postcrossing, but I wish there were either an algorythm or a membership drive to help better distribute the countries from which I receive–and to which I send–cards!


I looove that Donald card.

Did I mention that I looove that Donald card?  It’s the Postcrossing forum trade, from a sender in Munich, Germany.

From fowl to foul, there’s the “Heavy Christmas” card from Moscow, Russia.  The sender tells me:

“From time to time I draw heavy metal cards for my friends. This year I have a surplus so I decided to participate in postcrossing.  This is my very first letter in this project.”

What a gift to the world.

Finally, from St. Petersburg, Russia, the other Postcrossing card, this one with a friendly hedgehog.  The sender has some recommended reading for me:

“Surely read books Peter Mayle.  It has many books ‘foodie travelogue.’ For example: ‘A Year in Provence,’ ‘French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew,’ ‘A Good Year.” Hope you like this books.”


Hey, I didn’t even notice that “Little Prince” stamp until I viewed my enlarged scan!

Some Postcrossers Make it All Not Fun: Sent to Russia

2016-01-28 06.55.46

Postcrossing can be fun!

Postcrossing can be not fun.

When you click that “send a postcard” link, you just never know what you’re going to get.  Some people use their profiles to write about themselves (AKA, “a profile”), and some people just make a list of demands.

The person in Moscow, Russia who I’ve been assigned is that latter person.  I know NOTHING about her–well, I should not say that: I get a pretty negative idea, based on the fact she’s all about the demands, such as:

  • I would like to receive postcards from your town, especially the beautiful little streets, the old tower and desktop clocks, dishes of national cuisine, especially the dolls in national costumes, animals, especially donkeys and foxes.
  • Please do not send homemade cards and advertising.
  • Please do not send me a postcard with birds. In any way, DO NOT!
  • I’ll be happy if you can send me large (wall), a map of your country in which I will be able to celebrate the city of your country from which come postcards.
  • Please send only postcards 10×15 cm

UGH.  I found what I could find, and NO, I did not measure it.  It’s impolite for a lady to ask.

I didn’t really have any donkeys in national costumes, or whatever the heck it was she asked for, so I reached for the DISAPPOINTASSORTMENT, the stack of lame postcards I (wish I hadn’t) bought via Amazon a few months ago.  The photo is lovely enough, but the company that made this did not bother to identify where this is (let alone credit the photographer), and the writing side is slick enough that the stamped image I made smeared on impact.  Fortunately, my pen can stand up to this nonsense.

In about 30 words of a message on the back of my card–half or less than I usually squeeze in–I told this Postcrosser more about myself than she tells of herself in her profile!

Thanks for letting me get that all out of my system.

19,344 Apart: Received from Germany and Germany

Lots of Postcrossing cards flying out of Germany–and TWO of them landed in my mailbox today!


Mickey w/a gun from Henstedt-Ulzburg; sushi from Winnenden

I love that Disney one so much.  Keeper.

The 2 cards were assigned to their senders by Postcrossing a week apart, and their registration numbers are 19,344 apart!  Busy German Postcrossers!

I looked up Postcrossing stats; Germany isn’t #1 in number of members, but those people do send out the most cards!  Here is Postcrossing’s Top 10 list of cards sent out by country:


The Top 3 here (omitting my country, the U.S.), does match the top 3 countries from which I receive cards, but not so much after that.  I could stand to receive a lot more cards from Taiwan & China!

And glancing on down the list, let me say that Postcrossers in the countries further down really need to prompt everyone they know to join!  Those of us at the top few slots are getting sick of each other, and I am unanimous in that.

The Sun in Finland Only Works Part-Time: Received from China, Finland, & Japan

A nice trio of postcards in:



I’m happy that the Postcrossing Forum “Hello Kitty-Wishlist” trade brought me my favorite Sanrio marketing friend, Badtz-Maru!  Badtz came to me from Yokohama City, Japan, and the sender writes:

“I love penguins, but I can’t believe that Badtz-Maru is a male penguin!  As you may know, Badtz means X, NG, wrong, and Maru means O, OK, correct.”

No, I did not know those things!  I never doubted Badtz’s masculinity, though.

The other two cards are the result of regular Postcrossing draws, and the shark came to me from Tampere, Finland.  The sender tells me that there was no snow at Christmastime, but…

“…now it got really cold, so I guess the snow will come soon.  🙂  With daylight only between 10am-3pm, the snow will light up our lives a bit.  :)”


Finally, from a high school student in Xiamen, China, comes what she tells me is an egg cake, which she tells me is delicious.  Since I can’t read the instructions that accompany the tasty illustrations, I will have to look up the recipe!

Postmarks, stamps, and stuff:


Those stamps from Japan look delicious.

“Please don’t send me something terrible or horrible.” Sent to China & Germany

I decided to spin the Postcrossing wheel a couple more times…


That Pumbaa & Timon card is actually going out via Postcrossing Forum, a USA to Any Country trade, and its recipient is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.  I don’t know why, having seen this person’s profile, I still tagged them: the profile is almost 100% cards they would like to receive!  I mean, it helped me choose this card, but then–how is the goal of a connection achieved?  How do I know what to write that might be meaningful for this person?  Ugh.  If I had it to do over…  it’s a pretty big profile, but the only personal bit is “my name is —-, I come from China.”

I DO like the part that says, “please don’t send me anything terrible or horrible.”

I had an issue with my regular Postcrossing draw going to China, too.  It’s the card with the row houses, going to a “senior high school student” in Nanning, Guangxi, China.  She specified wanting cherry blossom cards, but that is one thing I just don’t have.  Fortunately, she gave me an out:

“If you don’t have a postcard about cherry blossoms,send me other it doesn’t matter.”


That user’s short profile was just confusing.  Here is most of the rest of it:

“I like reading. But I just like reading Chinese books. I really like cosplay! Even though I don’t like that.”

This is why I am hooked on ibuprofen.

Okay, finally we have Meissner, Hesse, Germany, the destination for that old b&w photo of NYC.  The card is going to a 47-year-old guy who is into motorcycles, geocaching, & calligraphy.  He said he’d like a postcard with old buildings, & I think I spotted some in that photo.

Stamps & washi tape: