Continental Drift: Received from China, Indonesia, & Japan

Three cards received from Asia in one day!


If you take part in Postcrossing, you must already suspect this is an engineered situation–and it is.  If you are to receive three Postcrossing cards in one day from one continent, that continent would certainly be Europe–and then, most likely from Nordic & former Easter Bloc countries.

I wrote that, & then immediately imagined Postcrossers in those countries opening their mailboxes & sighing, “oh, lawzy, another card from the United States?!?”

These cards are not from the standard Postcrossing, but from the Forums, where one can choose a topic of interest (something like “Send Me a Lighthouse Card,” if that’s the kind of thing you are into), and know where their cards are going–and sometimes even where they are coming from.  It’s a very nice way to round out your “to” and “from” columns! Here I’ve got cards from “Far East to America” and “China Meets the World.”

All three cards come from places high on my “to visit” list.  The fish comes from Bekasi, Indonesia, and is not from either of the trades I mentioned, but a card sent as a thanks from someone to whom I sent a card–in one of those trades.  Scroll down & look at the wonderful stamps–the card was covered in them!

The painting came from a postgraduate student in Xiamen, China who tells me she has two pet hamsters. She named them Calorie & Meat–“because they’re too fat.”

The nengajo card came from Tokyo, Japan.  I’ve been receiving quite a variety of these New Year greetings from Japan, and I love them!  As I’ve mentioned previously, I wish New Year cards were more of a thing here.  I send them, but they–New Year’s greeting cards of any type whatsoever– can be hard to find.

Stamps, stickers, postmarks: I love the fish sticker & the tumpeng stamps!



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