The Sun in Finland Only Works Part-Time: Received from China, Finland, & Japan

A nice trio of postcards in:



I’m happy that the Postcrossing Forum “Hello Kitty-Wishlist” trade brought me my favorite Sanrio marketing friend, Badtz-Maru!  Badtz came to me from Yokohama City, Japan, and the sender writes:

“I love penguins, but I can’t believe that Badtz-Maru is a male penguin!  As you may know, Badtz means X, NG, wrong, and Maru means O, OK, correct.”

No, I did not know those things!  I never doubted Badtz’s masculinity, though.

The other two cards are the result of regular Postcrossing draws, and the shark came to me from Tampere, Finland.  The sender tells me that there was no snow at Christmastime, but…

“…now it got really cold, so I guess the snow will come soon.  🙂  With daylight only between 10am-3pm, the snow will light up our lives a bit.  :)”


Finally, from a high school student in Xiamen, China, comes what she tells me is an egg cake, which she tells me is delicious.  Since I can’t read the instructions that accompany the tasty illustrations, I will have to look up the recipe!

Postmarks, stamps, and stuff:


Those stamps from Japan look delicious.

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