Some Postcrossers Make it All Not Fun: Sent to Russia

2016-01-28 06.55.46

Postcrossing can be fun!

Postcrossing can be not fun.

When you click that “send a postcard” link, you just never know what you’re going to get.  Some people use their profiles to write about themselves (AKA, “a profile”), and some people just make a list of demands.

The person in Moscow, Russia who I’ve been assigned is that latter person.  I know NOTHING about her–well, I should not say that: I get a pretty negative idea, based on the fact she’s all about the demands, such as:

  • I would like to receive postcards from your town, especially the beautiful little streets, the old tower and desktop clocks, dishes of national cuisine, especially the dolls in national costumes, animals, especially donkeys and foxes.
  • Please do not send homemade cards and advertising.
  • Please do not send me a postcard with birds. In any way, DO NOT!
  • I’ll be happy if you can send me large (wall), a map of your country in which I will be able to celebrate the city of your country from which come postcards.
  • Please send only postcards 10×15 cm

UGH.  I found what I could find, and NO, I did not measure it.  It’s impolite for a lady to ask.

I didn’t really have any donkeys in national costumes, or whatever the heck it was she asked for, so I reached for the DISAPPOINTASSORTMENT, the stack of lame postcards I (wish I hadn’t) bought via Amazon a few months ago.  The photo is lovely enough, but the company that made this did not bother to identify where this is (let alone credit the photographer), and the writing side is slick enough that the stamped image I made smeared on impact.  Fortunately, my pen can stand up to this nonsense.

In about 30 words of a message on the back of my card–half or less than I usually squeeze in–I told this Postcrosser more about myself than she tells of herself in her profile!

Thanks for letting me get that all out of my system.


3 thoughts on “Some Postcrossers Make it All Not Fun: Sent to Russia

    1. Yeah, that part really jumped out at me! And it’s not the first time I have encountered bird-directed vitriol; a few weeks ago, I inadvertently put a penguin stamp on a hater’s card, and got a bit worried!


  1. I haven’t written a lot about me on the profile, just some hints and suggestions. But anyway, I prefer not to waste my time writing about what I DON’T like. I can’t understand how you can hate so much birds (or anything) to the extent you can’t stand it on paper!

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