There & Here: Sent to Czech Republic, Germany, Taiwan, & the U.S.

A year ago this week, I was in Thailand, and I wish I were back there right now!  I loved the balmy January weather, the wonderful street food, and the freshest, cheapest, most abundant & perfectly-ripe fruit I think I’ve ever had.  And that’s what I told a couple of swap-bot members in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany and Rohnert Park, California.  The latest trade had us choosing cards representing a place we’d rather be, and writing about it.  Fortunately, I still had a couple of cards I’d stashed from my trip!


Closer to home, the California cards went to Postcrossers in Tainan, Taiwan, and Úpice, Czech Republic. Now, I was just tripping around these locales one week ago.  San Simeon’s Hearst Castle is famous, but the real treasure in that neighborhood is down at sea level: the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas!  Right now there are appear to be thousands of them, and little crying, nursing baby ones everywhere.  Check out the webcam!  I wish I were back there again, too.

Moving on to the stamp & washi tape portion of our presentation:



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