The City of YUM: Sent to Romania & the U.S.

Two cards going out in a swap-bot: “I’ve been here” trade:


This pair is headed for Daytona Beach, Florida; and Rădăuți, Romania.  Yes, I have been to this place, the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas–about 5 times in the space of just over a year, I think!  I was not looking for Ten Thousand Buddhas, but for one great Chinese vegetarian restaurant, and I found it!

This “city” is located on the edge of Ukiah, California, on the site of a former state hospital.  I guess it was a creepy, abandoned place for years prior to its current incarnation; I have a friend who grew up not far from here, and though he also loves Chinese vegetarian restaurants, he has yet to get up the nerve to enter this place that used to spook the locals!

Ukiah is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive north of me, and there’s not much else up in the region, so yes, I did indeed go just for the restaurant: Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant.  And it’s soooo goood!  I especially recommend the “Seaweed Roll, Cucumber, and Carrot with Thai Style Tom Yam Sauce.” Or any of their fried bits, really; healthy in one way doesn’t need to mean healthy in every way. BTW, I don’t know if other people visit Ukiah only for Jyun Kang, but I do know that upon entering the City compound (you drive right under that gate on the top postcard), you stop at the visitor center to sign in (and perhaps buy some postcards?)–and I noticed once in the guest book that the people signing in right before me, also for the restaurant, live in the same city as me!

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:


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