What a Stinker: Sent to Germany, Hong Kong, & Russia

Went on a Postcrossing spree, & drew 3 names:


The SpongeBob card goes to a Civil Engineering student in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  She had this very card in her favorites, so I was glad I had one to send.  On the back, I wrote of coastal things!

The Postcrosser in Hong Kong had very few favorites marked, but one of them was a movie poster card that reminded me I had something similar in my stash.  This person is new to the service, & doesn’t write a whole lot about herself personally, but I like the little emoji she makes when she mentions what a nice place her city is:  O(∩_∩)O

So cool!

Lastly, there’s the Postcrosser in Werder, Germany.  What a stinker.  This person keeps an updated list of expired postcards she has sent out, with the notation, “expired postcards make me sad. :(“  Her list includes the user names, which of course are searchable, so we can all find these alleged scofflaws.  Has this sender ever considered the very likely possibility that the card’s recipient is not the problem?  Furthermore, what possible good could these lists ever do?


3 thoughts on “What a Stinker: Sent to Germany, Hong Kong, & Russia

  1. I’ve always wondered why some people have lists of their expired postcards. What could that possibly be useful for??? I mean if I have an expired postcard, either I send a new one or if I see that the person hasn’t been active for several months I just accept the fact and move on. Considering how much stuff gets send per mail it is no surprise that some cards will either take quite long or get lost. I actually once got a card through postcrossing where the sender told me she wrote it weeks ago but it slipped out of the pile while in her car and she had just found it lying there. So stupid things can happen… Sorry about this rant, but every time I stumble upon these lists I get so confused and annoyed…

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    1. No need to apologize–I am grateful to read someone else’s take on these “shaming lists!” I do what you do: I watch to see if I should resend, and after a while, I will send a message to the recipient to ensure the card has not been received. Thanks for your comment!

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