“…but you’re the one who write me most,thank you” –a HOORAY from HK

After just over a week in the ether, a card I mailed to a Postcrosser in Hong Kong has found its way to its destination.  I love what the recipient writes in her “hooray” message:

Hooray Message

It’s all about that P.S.:

p.s.This is the 15th postcard I recieve but you’re the one who write me most,thank you///”

This is a recurring theme here in my silly blog, because it’s a recurring theme for me in the hobby of postcard trading: for me, it’s ALL about the message.  When I flip a card over, and see a bunch of white space on the back, with not much more than “Happy Postcrossing,” “Good Luck,” or “have a good life,” my heart sinks.

Let’s have a peek into each other’s cultures, locales, days, something.  The message needn’t even be personal, but can’t it be something?  Postcrossing even tries to help its participants in answering the question, “what should I write on the postcard?” They provide a long list that is by no means all-encompassing of the possibilities. You can tell from the Hooray message above what I wrote to my correspondent in HK.

I am so happy that my small attempts to provide a happy Postcrossing experience with another user have hit the mark.  I hope she will pay it forward!



2 thoughts on ““…but you’re the one who write me most,thank you” –a HOORAY from HK

  1. I usually try to write as much as I can on my postcards. Sometimes it’s hard because the person doesn’t have much on their profile so I don’t know what to write but in those cases I just tell them about myself. It’s a bit disappointing when someone only writes ‘happy postcrossing’. I kinda feel like they don’t really want to be sending postcards, they just want to receive them.

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