Let Me Say Something at This Point: Sent to Italy & Poland

I logged into Postcrossing, & I clicked twice more on “send a postcard!”


The “Building a House” card goes to someone in Zagajnik, Poland (about 5,779 miles away from me) who says that she enjoys reading (as well as writing, traveling, & spending time with her friends).  Now, just about a handful of cards remain in my big box o’ book-cover postcards which were just about all I was working with when I began Postcrossing about a year and a half ago.

Let me say something at this point: since this recipient didn’t state any preferences as to what card she might like to receive, I took a little tour through my stash, and reached hopefully for THE DISAPPOINTASSORTMENT.  I went through every single remaining card–and there are a ton left–twice, and didn’t come close to finding something nice to send, but I did, even firmer than before, decide I hate the disappointassortment.  Sooo many cards I would just feel bad about sending someone.  That was just a really bad purchase, and that’s that.

Back to more pleasant topics: the other postcard going out today on a trip of 6,023 miles, to fair Verona, Italy.  The Postcrosser is a school secretary who says collecting & swapping postcards is her main hobby.  She’s been on the site for more than 3 years, and in that time has sent out more than 350 postcards. Her interests for topics included interesting places from our country, castles, and fairies, so I thought a scene from Children’s Fairyland, the original fairy tale theme park, would be just the thing!

I just came up with more rant about the disappointassortment, but I’ll save it.  I would love to hear about your bad purchases, though, so please share.


2 thoughts on “Let Me Say Something at This Point: Sent to Italy & Poland

  1. I am so sorry, but every time you start talking about the disappointassortment I have to smile. I am still pretty positive you’ll find someone for (almost) every card.
    The only “bad” purchases I made are related to what was popular on Postcrossing till I finally found a nice stack of them somewhere; for example: dogs, no postcards of dogs in my stash, I find them, buy them… I don’t get a profile asking for dogs anymore.

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    1. Well, my rants are indeed aimed to amuse the reader as well as let me blow off a bit of steam! The disappointassortment has drawbacks on the backside, as I’ve noted before–and will certainly note again! 😉


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