What Does One Say to the Person Who Says NOTHING? Received from Germany

From a Postcrosser in Berlin, Germany, a Postcrosser who calls himself a writer, one who shares his work on stage; a Postcrosser who has been using the site for over 5 years, and has sent out nearly 6,000 postcards:


“Best wishes from Berlin in Germany.  Happy Postcrossing.”

I would call that message lazy, but it’s just not.  Sloppy, sure, but lazy?  NO.  There was the strategic intent to write as little as possible, by using the strategy of turning the card at an angle.  Upright orientation?  Plenty of room to squeeze in an extra sentence or five.  Sideways orientation?  Possibly, arguably, room for even MORE writing!  THIS fella, though–he put great effort into fitting NOTHING into his card!

I must assume he is in Postcrossing only to amass the largest collection of postcards possible, and in no way to accrue inspiration for his writing, let alone his life & spirit in general.  Well, maybe he is in it to acquire inspiration–but not to spread any.

I, as a person who did NOT join Postcrossing in order to collect postcards, am left without inspiration of any kind.

Well, I suppose there was the inspiration to pound out this rant.


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