“Trials, Gingerbread, Sausage:” Received from Germany, Russia, & Ukraine

This trio of Postcrossing cards in, from a trio of my most-received-from countries:


I really like that seated child image.  It reminds me of the art of Banksy, but this is actually by a German artist known as ALIAS.  The card was sent by a Postcrosser in Nuremberg, Germany (the card taking a journey of 5,777 miles over 10 days), who tells me:

“Card shows graffiti from Berlin.  I live in Nuremberg: trials, gingerbread, sausage… Just retired from managing an IT company.  More time for… will find out!” 

The Venetian Cat (entitled “Venetian Cat”) came to me from Odessa, Ukraine, and it took a full 5 months to travel the 6,390 miles to my door!  Whoa!  The sender writes:

“I live near the Black Sea.  I love the sea.  On summer weekend I often go to swim early in the morning.  But my skin does not like bright sun, so I leave before 10 a.m.  No, I’m not a vampire.  I love warm sunny days in October but I dislike the savage summer sun.”

That bottom card is not a picture print by Currier & Ives: it’s a piece by Boris Kustodiev, and it took 57 days to travel the 5,879 miles to me from Moscow, Russia.

Stamps & postmarks:


I really like the leaves, especially the two on the right!

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