The Dog is Only Pretending to Ignore that Sausage: Received from Germany, Indonesia, & Romania


The pup was sent to me by my postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia.  She had the card printed from one of her own photos, and this is her dog.

The Nuremberg sausages the dog is trying so studiously to pretend to ignore were sent to me via Postcrossing from Berlin, Germany.  The sender tells me it’s “typical German food,” and he also writes…

“There are a lot of different sausages, but for me the Nuernberger is one of the best.  BTW: Nuernberg is a very beautiful Bavarian city!  I like books too and my favorite authors are: Jonathan Frazen & John Irving!”

Finally, thanks to a swap-bot “I’ve Been Here” trade, comes this card from Ilfov, Romania.  Apparently, the sender has been to Bucharest, and she tells me:

“Bucharest is one of the most beautiful capitol of Europe!  If you can come visit us, let me know also.  :)”



I really like those Indonesian stamps.  I am grateful for my scanner, because without the enlarged scans, I cannot make out any of what is going on  in the stamps!  Speaking of which, do you see what is hiding in the center of the German flower? 

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