Dropping the Recycling in the Mail Box: Sent to Brazil, Germany, & the UK

The beginning of another month means it’s time for another swap-bot Chunk of Cardboard trade, my favorite thing on that site!  I had my recycled “chunks” all cut & ready to stamp, write up, & mail off.


This month’s batch is going to:

Immingham, England

Porto Seguro, Brazil

Regensburg, Germany

Stamps, stamps, stickers & washi tape:


I Feel a Rant Coming On: Sent to Australia, Germany, & Romania

I’ve taken a little break from sending postcards, and with only 3 cards currently traveling in Postcrossing (at least one of which I presume lost to the ether), I decided to draw a few numbers.  In doing so, I ran into a couple of my ongoing frustrations with the world of Postcrossers.


That beautiful octopus card is bound for a Postcrosser in Bolton Point, Australia, and I feel horrible about wasting such a gorgeous card on such a Postcrosser.  Her profile is long, but she only mentions her name & region, before launching off into what kind of cards she wants, what kind of stamps she hopes to see on them, and this:

“I prefer to receive cards written IN ENVELOPE if possible.”

NO.  Simply not possible.  Especially not with this attitude:

…don’t bother to send me just two pieces of paper glued together anyhow or cut-out picture from the magazine – I will not register this kind of rubbish. Sorry.

I can’t stand people who say “sorry” when they are clearly not sorry.  Have you ever noticed that whenever somebody starts a statement, “I’m SORRY, but…” they are about to say something rude?  This Postcrosser’s threat to not register Postcrossing materials simply because they do not meet her expectations–well, it should be reported to the site.  For now, I’m just reporting it to you.

Speaking of turkeys, let’s skip down to that card down at the bottom of the image, which is off to its recipient in Neustadt in Holstein, Germany, ALL she says about herself is a mere, “I live in a small town in the nothern of Germany,” and then she launches off into nearly 30 lines of what kinds of cards she wants, and lists of expired cards by year.  For the 2015 cards, she even lists the Postcrossing tracking numbers & user names.  What a… turkey.  These are the times when I wish we could throw someone back in the pool & have a fresh draw.

Lastly, there is the cat card.  It’s going off to someone much less turkey-like in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, who said she might like a cat card.  She does include an extensive list of possible cards to send to her, including the fact that she’s fond of all kind of postcards, but she also puts some profile into her profile, by telling us a few things about herself.  She’s 34, and she enjoys reading, traveling & watching movies.  She also expresses some interest in learning about the person sending her a card:

“you can write me anything from how you feel at that moment to favorite quotes or things that the postcard makes you think of.I would also like to know what your favorite book or movie is.  I look forward to reading you :)”

Well, that’s much better.

Stamps, washi tape, & stickers: