Snoopy Coming & Going! Received from & sent to Japan

Got a cooooool new Snoopy card from my Snoopy-loving postcard-pal in Tokyo, Japan!  Sent her back a cool Snoopy (& friends) card!


She tells me about that bunny-loaded card:

“This is a NEW series ‘Rabbits and Strawberry.’  I was getting it on the 1st day… There are nobody that have the card other than you in U.S.A.!!  I also bought a mug that is limited to 100.  🙂  I arrived 30 minutes late at SnoopyTown.  I think that I didn’t make it in time.  Lucky me. ❤ “

Wow!  Not having any Snoopy-themed stores here in the U.S. (unless you make the pilgrimage to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in remote Santa Rosa, CA, as I did to get the few cards I have), I have a hard time imagining the hoopla!  I’ve often lamented that Peanuts postcards are not even produced here in the U.S. (outside the source I mentioned), so to have big release dates in Japan for such a thing–the mind boggles!  Does it seem Snoopy & friends are more popular overseas than they are here in the U.S.?

I love that card.  I remember the bunnies from a Peanuts Easter Sunday color strip I’ve seen reprinted in books.  Make sure you look down below at the back of the card, at the super-cool Snoopy washi tape.

I grabbed one of my Peanuts cards, & sent it to her.  It has Peanuts washi tape, & a special ink stamp, on the back–but that’ll be in the next post, as it was scanned along with the other SIX cards I mailed out yesterday. It was a free morning, and a very productive one!



6 thoughts on “Snoopy Coming & Going! Received from & sent to Japan

  1. Awesome… it looks like you’re a fellow Snoopy/Peanuts lover!!! I feel your pain about now being able to find Snoopy postcards here in the U.S. However here in Hawaii, we do have Snoopy Hawaii postcards, but they are a bit pricey.

    You can see them here:


      1. Perfect! =D I love these cards…have never seen them in HI, but I haven’t been Postcrossing all that long, so I was not actively seeking postcards during my last visits. I might likely have bought these for myself, anyhow! What stores sell them?


    1. Okay, I haven’t been into any boutiques–I am way too fascinated by the ABC Stores to let much else break into my browsing time! 😉 But now I shall have to seek them out.

      Yes, that is me! I don’t tend to post my mail pics there, but I have turned a few of my “toys in nature” photos into postcards!


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