Did Redd Foxx & Maggie Smith Ever Work Together? Sent to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, & the U.S.

I didn’t MEAN to prepare & send out 7 postcards* in one morning — it just…HAPPENED! I’d done a lot of tagging in the Postcrossing Forums, and many of them came in, in rapid succession, after I’d already decided to write to a couple of postcard pals.


The penguin card, the first I’ve used from a postcard book I bought at the Monterey Bay Aquarium just last week, goes out to a Postcrosser in Hong Kong (one who likes penguins), thanks to a Hong Kong to the World tag.  I wrote to her about my love for the aquarium, and about its brand-new exhibit I was visiting.

That repurposed panel from a box of pani puri goes to Bakersville, North Carolina, thanks to a swap-bot “not a postcard” trade.  Well, it is a postcard now!

Did you know that your dog can ride the Skunk Train–as long as it has a ticket?  That card is on its way to a train lover in Guangzhou, China, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “last movie I’ve seen” trade.  The last movie I’ve seen, by the way, is “The Lady in the Van.”

Okay, next up is Redd Foxx.  I mean, the red fox.  I have a funny little story regarding Redd Foxx, but now’s not the time.  THE POSTCARD.  The postcard is barreling toward a fox-loving Postcrosser in Shanghai, China, in a USA-any country trade.  I’ve seen a fox in a nearby wildlife refuge, but it was a gray fox.  The place does also have red foxes, I told him.  What I did not tell him was that the red ones are not a native species.

The red fox card, and the cat & dog cards that follow, are all from the Animal Box of postcards.  The cat goes out, by request, to a cat lover in Saitama, Japan.  As for the dog, it is heading to my dog-loving postcard pal in Bekasi Utara, Indonesia.

Below is a little peek at the back of all 7 postcards sent: stamps, stamps, and washi tape.


*6 here; number 7 was the Peanuts postcard in the prior post.  Its back is in the image just above, with the Charlie Brown stamp above the Peanuts washi tape.

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