A FIRST! Received from China, Japan, & Thailand

Postcrossing brought me 3 more postcards from one of my favorite areas this week–including my first-ever card from Thailand!


The top card, with all of the illustrations of food, comes from Tianjin, China, having traveled 22 days & 5,293 miles to get to me.  The sender writes:

“China covers a large territory, which causes enormous differences of Chinese food among regions.  I enjoy Sichuan food very much, especially hot pot.”

More food on that card from Kanazawa, Japan, which took a trip of 5,269 miles over 16 days to find me.  There’s even food pictured on one of the stamps on this one!

Finally, my first card from Thailand!  We need to recruit more new Postcrossers over there, because I would like for this to be a regular thing.  I’ve sent 3 cards TO Thailand; I’ve even sent 2 cards FROM Thailand; but this is my first time getting a card from that country.  Anyhoo, the card is from a Postcrosser in Bangkok, and it took a 7,947-mile journey in 30 days’ time, and the sender tells me the crafts on the water are the Royal Barge.

Stamps, stamps, postmarks & stuff:


So many wonderful stamps.

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