The Cinephile: Sent to Czech Republic, Denmark, & Germany

I made three more Postcrossing draws.  Before clicking that “send a card” link, I took a look at my traveling cards.  Poland, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, India…I already knew exactly what country would come up.  “Germany,” I said, and then I clicked…YUP!  Germany!


That’s where the Lincoln Center card (at bottom right) will go, to a Postcrosser in Dusseldorf, Germany.  He said he’d like a card with black & white photography, so there he goes.

Also into black & white shots is the Postcrosser I drew in Znojmo, Czech Republic. I don’t care for black & white photography, but this person & I do share something in common.  She says that she loves watching movies “at cinema (not on TV).”  Me, TOO!  She says she goes to her local cinema once a week.  Now, I don’t always get that opportunity, but I can say I went to the movies twice last week, and twice (so far) this week!

After filling out two black & white cards in a row, I was about to pass out of boredom, so I was thrilled to be able to choose that colorful Hearst Castle view for my next recipient. She lives in Fredericia, Denmark, and she mentions that she likes castles. She mentions a lot of things she likes, but first, she writes, “I’m absolutely not in to demands. So the following is only meant like a lead to you.”  Oh, I do like her.


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