Beach, Bunny, Burger: Sent to China, Russia, & Taiwan


The three friends over Half Moon Bay are headed to Beijing, China, to a university student who says she wants to travel to beautiful places, and says her card likes include those designed by the sender, and those with cartoons.  Check, check, check!

The rabbit is going to a rabbit fanatic in Fryazino, Russia.  I was a little surprised when I clicked on “send a postcard” and I got Russia, as I already had a Postcrossing card traveling to Russia, but these things happen.  We really need to figure out a way to recruit new members in less-Postcrossy countries.

That bit o’ burger box is going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as part of a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag.  This Postcrosser enjoys food packaging as postcards so much, she has an online photo album of the repurposed packaging she has received!  I believe this is the second such card I have sent her way.

Stamps, stamps, and washi tape:



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