Check-Check-Checkety-Check! Sent to China, Germany, & Japan

Tossed a trio of cards down the gullet of a mailbox yesterday:


The dancers go out in a regular Postcrossing draw, to a recipient in Waldheim, Germany.  She said she’d like to see cards showing people in traditional costumes, so there she goes!

The other two cards are for Postcrossing Forums tags.  Cap’n Crunch is for a food package postcard tag, & he’s on his way to Yokohama, Japan.  Speaking of recycled things, take a peek a the back of the card, scanned below.  The Postcrosser said she loves lots of decorations on her postcards, and that if there were any room on the card, it would make her day if the sender were to include tickets and other items.  I did, in fact, recently find some old arcade tickets, so I glued some into what would usually be the washi tape gutter between the address & my message.

Finally, the panda tourists go out in a China Meets the World tag, to a recipient in Yunfu, China.  Her list of things she would like to see on a postcard included animals, scenery, cartoons, and funny things, so check-check-checkety-check!  She said she also likes pretty stamps, so I made sure she got some.

Stamps, stamps, washi tape…and arcade tickets:


3 thoughts on “Check-Check-Checkety-Check! Sent to China, Germany, & Japan

    1. Congratulations on becoming a Postcrosser! I never even knew what washi tape was before I entered this dark world. Something else people seem to like is stamps, so if people mention that in their profile, I will skip the global rate, & add together various smaller-denomination stamps to show some variety. Right now, for instance, 2 Forever stamps + the .22 penguin stamp = the $1.20 global rate! I have a little note of all the various maths that I keep with my stamps. 🙂

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