Well, I have nothing nice to say about that: Received from Belarus, China, & Taiwan


That’s Tianzhu Peak on the left, and as the caption on the back of the big card describes it, it is “one of the main peaks of Wudang Mount; elevation: 1612 meters.”  The card came to me from Shanghai, China, thanks to a Postcrosing Forum “China to Any Country” tag trade.  The sender asks me, “do you like Chinese food?  I love spicy food most.” Scroll down & have a look at all the beautiful stamps that are on the back of this card!

The other two cards this time are regular Postcrossing incomings; the one with the face came to me from Minsk, Belarus.  The sender tells me:

“I like to read, too.  I prefer paper books.  One day my friend recommended me to read some book I could not find it in the store. So I printed it and made binding.  I liked to do it very much.  Now, I do not buy books.  I’m making it myself.  🙂  Usually I read the book faster than make it.  :)”

Well, I have nothing nice to say about that.

Beautiful stamps, though, go down again & have a look!

The final card comes from Taipei, Taiwan, from a sender who writes in two languages:

“…summer is coming soon.  Here we’ll eat watermelon, ice cream, cold noodles…etc.”

Sounds lovely, I want to go join her!


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