Are You Finnish Eating? Received from Finland

Two from Finland in one day–and both food-related!


On the left, from a Postcrosser in Iisalmi, Finland, is a card that traveled 5,248 miles over 17 days to get to me. The sender tells me she’s a mother of two young children, and a teacher of English, Spanish, and Swedish.  She also writes of food:

“We eat lots of fish in Finland, especially salmon.  My husband often prepares ‘blazed salmon’ and it’s delicious.  The fillet of salmon is pinned with wooden sticks or nails onto a plank of wood, which is held at an angle over the fire to cook the dish.  The stamp represents another traditional Finnish dish, karelian rice pasties.  They have a thin rye crust filled with creamy rice porridge.  You should try them if you visit Finland!”

And so I shall, if I do!

The other card is rendered from actual food packaging, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum food package postcard tag.  The sender is from Isojoki, Finland, and she writes:

“This package is from instant porridge, oatmeals with raspberry.  Very delicious.  Do you like oatporridge?  It is typical in U.S.A.?  Hope you like this ‘card.’ 🙂 “

Stamps & postmarks below.  At the bottom right, you can see the pasties the first writer described.

Have you tried any of these fine Finnish foods?



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