Give Me Spider-Man & a Lady Monster: Sent to Germany, Latvia, & Netherlands

Several of my traveling Postcrossing cards have just reached their destinations, so I am throwing a few more into the wind:


Aah, Big Sur.  Just looking at that card makes me feel like going there right now.  The card goes to a 38-year-old mother in Assen, Netherlands who says she enjoys geocaching.  The list of postcard ideas she provided on her profile included single-view cards from our country or hometown, landmarks, and nature.

Superman is off–I assume by air–to Rīga, Latvia.  In my time Postcrossing, this is only my 3rd card to that country; I’ve been assigned Latvia once each calendar year!  I’ve yet to receive a card from there.  The recipient describes herself as a positive, friendly person, and yes, she did specifically write that she would like to receive a Superman postcard.

Me, I’d much rather find Spider-Man in my mailbox.

Finally, the Sherry Netherland Hotel (reminds me one of my favorite periods of Sesame Street, featuring the Furry Arms Hotel & its owner-monster, Sherry Netherland) is bound for Pinneberg, Germany.  This person says she likes postcards with black & white images, and cards showing architecture or old buildings.  Check, check, check.

Stamps, stamps, & washi tape:



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