Japanese Stuff Sent from “Not Japan:” Received from China, Finland, & Taiwan

Wow, there’s a definite theme in the 3 cards I received in one day this week: they all depict something Japanese–and none of them were sent from Japan!


The first card was a regular Postcrossing card, the other 2 came to me through Postcrossing Forum tag threads.

The sushi card came from Shanghai, China, having traveled 6,167 miles in about 25 days.  As you can see, it passed through San Bernadino, California, on the way to me.  Stamps cover half of the writing surface of the card; you’ll see those below.

The lovely image of the Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Oulu, Finland, in a “last movie I’ve seen” tag. She recently watched…

“‘The Tourist‘ starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.  First I didn’t like it but at the end…there was a surprise.  Then I realised that this was a movie during which I had fun and never felt bad about anything.  And still it was not total b.s.  The setting took place in Venice where I intend to travel to one day!  Johnny Depp is odd, I’ve always thought so.  The movie was a mix of something really traditional…”

…and then the post office coding stripe at the bottom of the card obscured the other words.

Finally, and speaking of movies, there is the “Howl’s Moving Castle” card, which was sent to me from Taiwan.  This was a tough one.  Here is the full message from the card:

“Hello!  I’m glad that I can send you this card.  Hope you can receive soon.  The weather gets hotter in Taiwan.  How is your country weather?”

Did you notice anything missing?  Here’s my list:

  1. Sender name
  2. Sender I.D./User name
  3. Number/Identifier of trade

Some detective work was in order!  Using little more than the information that this was from Taiwan, and the postmark date, OH, and the fact that this could well have been through a Studio Ghibli tag trade, I combed through my Postcrossing Forum U2U inbox, and deduced — and I can only assume correctly — that it’s from the self-professed “young girl” in Taipei, Taiwan who tagged me in the Ghibli/Wishlist tag trade last month.  I have sent her a conditional thank-you U2U, and am awaiting a reply.

A whole lot of beautiful stamps this time, I think:



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