Well, I Certainly Don’t Want These, Do YOU?!? Sending to…?

I suppose these could be used as a base for homemade collage postcards, but I usually use something nice for that–like a cardboard box.  But let’s start from the beginning.


Can’t wait to get these out of my home. Please get them out of my home. Take them, seriously.

Occasionally, while Postcrossing, I come across the profile of a member who states an interest in receiving food-related postcards.  Thus, I was happy to see a box of 100 such cards available online: “Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists.”  And $12.32 for 100 cards?  That rounds down to 12 cents a card–fantastic!

Not many photos of the cards available, but I did read the reviews, which included this 1-star rating:

“…text of food words is not a food card…Very disappointing.”

Even a 4-star review stated:

“I am disappointed by the designs from the curator of the box set… Her designs are made up of text and are very basic.”

So I just did the math again.  $12.32, divided by 90 cards, rounds up to 14 cents a card.  So I went all in.  But let’s talk about the word used in the last review: “curator.”

Yes, the box itself is printed with the words that the card collection is “Curated by —-.”   And do you know who the “curator” is?  The very person who scrawled these very text-only cards!  I’m getting ahead, again, so passionate in my ranting.

The word “curate” is getting used an awful lot lately.  Well, the word actually MEANS something.  A museum’s curator is a highly-educated, well-experienced professional with an important task.  REAL curators must be somewhat nonplussed that the word “curate” gets used so promiscuously as of late.

Like with this box of cards.  How brazen to use the word “curate,” when clearly all this person did was use the talents of 9 actual artists to make some money for her own graphics, which are little more than shopping lists in color.  The artists should not have to share residuals equally with her, let alone probably cede extra money for her so-called “curation.”  What is the word to use, you may ask?  “Selected by —–” will do just fine.

Anyhow, maybe you love these.  Or maybe you would love to send these to someone as a gag gift.  I can’t wait to get them out of my postcard stash, out of my home, and out of my life.

Yes, it’s a GIVEAWAY!  And is there any way I could make it more inviting?  Okay, I’ll even throw in a card or two from my actually-horrible purchase, the Disappointassortment!

Here’s what to do: Let me know if you want them, and I will mail them to you.  No, I do not think there will be enough demand for a drawing.  In fact, I’m not sure even one person will be interested.  BUT, if there are two people interested, or an avalanche of as many requests as 3, I will split up the set into as many as 3 bundles, and mail them off, sending off no fewer than 5 cards to each person. First request(s) get(s) the cards, that easy.  You are helping me, not the other way around.

This is the first time I have even noticed the WordPress “Add Contact Form,” so let’s see if that will allow you to get your info to me.  If it does not, express your interest in the comments, and we will go from there.  Thanks for helping.


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