Still No Takers! Also: Received from Canada, China, England, & Netherlands

*** GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Still, absolutely no one wants those lame postcards.  Let me know if you want them, and I’ll send them to you.  My recycling bin doesn’t want them. ***

Some nice ones this time!  Let’s move counter-clockwise from the top left!  All but the last card were received as regular Postcrossing draws.


Snoopy comes to me from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, having made a 5,500-mile trip in 12 days.  The sender writes:

“I read you like the beach a lot.  Too bad the Netherlands is not the best place to be for beach and sun.  I saw a lot of Snoopy cards in your faves so I send you this!  Ever since I’m a kid, I’m a big Snoopy fan.  Used to have everything from Snoopy!”

As a point of contrast, I’ll mention here that in her profile, she request that she not be sent any cartoon or funny postcards.

That nice little airport scene came to me from Shenzhen, China, and it took a trip of 6,491 36 miles in 36 days to do it!  The sender is a college student studying accounting, and she writes:

“I am in my third year of university so I am really busy these days.  I love traveling and hiking.  One of my friends is planning to travel to Russia by trains.  It is a really amazing trip!  I really want to go with her, but so sad–no time.”

SQUIRREL!  I love those guys.  This card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Montreal, Canada, and it took 13 days to travel the 2,523 miles to my mailbox.  The sender reports that she is originally from Odessa, Ukraine, and she enjoys traveling, photographу, pole-dancing, and cats.  She says Canada is “so beautiful,” and that this December, she will be making her first trip to the U.S.–she’ll spend her Christmas holiday here in California.

Finally, the one swap-bot card this time is the panel from a box of corn flakes, received from Lincolnshire, England, thanks to a “chunk of cardboard” trade (I know you thought it was a souvenir postcard from Corn, Florida, but NO).  The sender tells me she loves cereal boxes, and that she was able to make four postcards from this box.  I think food boxes make for very fun & interesting postcards.

Stamps & postcards: I love those animal stamps.



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