A List for Santa: Sent to Germany & the Netherlands

And so I have sent 3 more cards off into the world, toward their new homes (or recycling bins)!


My handmade fish postcard is for a swap-bot trade of handmade fish postcards.  Its recipient lives in Halsteren, Netherlands.  She’s an arts & crafts teacher, so I hope she will not judge my efforts too harshly.

The donut is on its way to a Postcrosser in Paderborn, Germany.  She enjoys traveling, reading, baking, watching movies, and exploring genealogy.  She said she enjoys funny cards–so I hope she finds this card funny!

That ship postcard is setting sail for Lelystad, Netherlands, to a Postcrosser who wrote in her profile that she would like vintage cruise ships.  I can go on at length about what kind of postcards she would like to receive, as she did, but I can not tell you a single detail about the person herself.  The word profile indicates that one is supposed to fill it with some details about oneself, and not have it exist as solely, essentially, as a list for Santa–but we’ve covered this before.

And will again.

I just hope this recipient is not cheezed off over the fact that I marred the back of her new postcard by filling it with lines & lines of a little personal story!

Stamps, stamps, and washi tape:



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