Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow WOW! In & Out of Japan

WOW!  This envelope from Tokyo, Japan brought wonderful surprises!


I love all three of these cards!  The sender, with whom I’ve traded cards in the past via Postcrossing Forum, had just happened to be looking at my favorites on my Postcrossing profile, when she saw that Snoopy card (and apparently the many, many Astro Boy cards I’d favorited), and decided to send it to me!


On the back of the Snoopy card, laid with those cool strips of washi tape (love the Shiba Inu tape; love all of the tape–and the maneki neko sticker), she tells me:

“This card is a Japanese summer greeting card.  Since Japanese summers are very humid, we send it to friends or relatives to ask after them.”

Isn’t that cool?  I think it’s from this same person from whom I also first learned of the Japanese tradition of the New Year postcard.  I wish these fun post-y traditions would spread here in the U.S.  And the Snoopy card is a Hallmark card.  Just try finding anything like that here in my country.  NOPE.

I set right off to prepping a “thank-you” packet to send off to Tokyo.  Since my postcard pal writes in upper-case letters in her profile that she likes “SNOOPY” postcards, I reached into my special stash.


I made that envelope from a worn-out, discarded library book.  Smokey Bear is a bookmark.  I attempted to replicate my pal’s washi tape-laying style on the back of the card I wrote to her.  I did not find it easy!


I hope she enjoys everything, at least as close to as much as I enjoyed the surprise from her!


Back of my homemade envelope.


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